In Jersey, we look for any opportunity to speak our minds even if that means paying an extra $50 for that vanity license plate.  I must say, some of the rejects are pretty creative.

Personalized tags create more work for the Motor Vehicle Commission because they have to approve or reject every single plate. 

What are the requirements for a plate to get approved?  They have to be PG rated and not incite reactions or create a distraction. By the way in order to get a personalized plate you have to be free of ever getting a DWI, you can’t have a conviction.  Once you pass that test you are at the mercy of the plate police.  So what gets rejected?   

Plate ideas like SUCKIT.  This is an example of “too vulgar”.  The other reason plates get turned down is that someone already has it. According to

  • B00TY
  • BADA5S
  • TURD

Also got rejected. BooTy is just cute though right?

Apparently, you are not allowed to have brand names either. I’ve seen this one pass though a few times though especially when it comes to personalized brands.  Major brand names like TESLA get bumped though. 

There is also a weird trend of people wanting plates to commemorate our battle with the pandemic.  The following was also denied:

  • COVID19
  • C8VID19
  • C8VI19

Do you have a vanity plate?  To be honest, in most cases they come off a bit eye-roll worthy to me unless it's for your sports team. What do you think?  No matter what your plate says you better be careful on these dangerous roads in New Jersey.

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