A followup to the story we brought you on-air Thursday. We told you how a woman on an American Airlines flight chose to recline her seat in front of a man who could not recline his own. Wendi Williams (not the famous Wendy Williams) claimed on Twitter that the man began punching the back of her seat, and once she had words he changed his approach to the steady shoving and rocking you see in this video.

Williams herself is the one recording this. She is claiming the airline didn’t do enough to help her and now she’s claiming injuries and medical bills. Let’s not be shocked if this end up in a lawsuit. Oh, she’s also threatening to call the FBI and have the man arrested for rocking her seat. Good luck with that.

This all led to a spirited debate about whether it’s rude to recline your seat on a plane. I’m in the camp that believes it is.

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