As if the year hasn't been hard enough on them, the seniors at Vineland High School are all mourning the loss of a classmate whose life was taken as he was riding his bike. reports that 18-year-old Daniel Diaz, a senior at Vineland High School set to graduate this year, was killed after he was struck while riding his bike down a Vineland street in Cumberland County. Diaz was pedaling down West Park Drive in the mid hours one late April evening when he was struck by an SUV. The SUV reportedly hit him from behind.

The 18-year-old was reportedly tossed off of his bike as result of the impact which left him dead at the scene. Now, new reports are coming to light that claim the driver has been hit with charges of driving while intoxicated. The driver reportedly blew a .12 which is clearly over the legal limit of .08. He was hit with those charges as well as one for reckless driving.

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Instead of celebrating graduation as one of the first big events to gather for after quarantine, the Vineland High School seniors had to decide whether or not they would attend the funeral for their classmate that was held earlier this week.

In an attempt to help off-set the costs of those services, a 'GoFundMe' account has been created for Daniel Diaz's parents.

You can find out even more details regarding the crash that killed Daniel Diaz HERE.


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