We went in search of a definitive answer to the question:

Was Salt Water Taffy Really Invented In Atlantic City, New Jersey?

Here’s the story.

After checking with Visit Atlantic City (formerly MEET AC), the following appears to be as close as we will ever come to nailing down the facts.

“While the origin of salt water taffy may be more myth than fact, many manufacturers will agree that David Bradley is responsible for the first appearance of salt water taffy. In 1883, a huge storm hit Atlantic City and flooded the boardwalk, where Bradley had his candy storefront.”

What is not true is the urban legend that the salt water flooded the making of the delicious taffy and became an unintended part of the recipe.

Regardless, it’s a great name and an enduring product.

Salt Water Taffy became the first Boardwalk in Atlantic City souvenirs in the 1880s, according to AtlanticCityNJ.com (which is the official VisitAtlanticCity website).

The naming of the candy as Salt Water Taffy was a brilliant marketing strategy … with the proof of this statement being that this sweet treat has endured for more than 140 years and still going strong.

Below, is a look at a famous brand that is still in regular production today:

Visit Atlantic City photo.
Visit Atlantic City photo.

Steel’s also makes my favorite chocolate fudge of all time.

So many times as a young child, my twin Brother Don and my sister Karen would spend our bus fair money home on Steel’s Fudge.

It was a long walk from Steel Pier/Steel’s Fudge to Ventnor … but, worth it every time.

In conclusion, we can confirm with near certainty that the delicious … sticky … bite-size candy, known as Salt Water Taffy was originally created in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1883.

When you visit Atlantic City, or, want to ship a gift that reflects Atlantic City … sending a box of Salt Water Taffy is the perfect sentiment.

Just remember … Salt Water Taffy does not contain salt water as one if it’s ingredients.

But, it’s still the perfect name.

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