Nobody wants to think about tragedy during the holidays. Unfortunately, life doesn't care about your plans. Tragedy is bound to hit someone somewhere during the holiday season. As much as we may not want to admit it, that's the cold hard truth.

All we can do is pray that we're protected, as well as our family and friends. Well, we can pray and be as prepared for an emergency as we possibly can.

Whenever you hear about a fire damaging someone's home or business, it's always gut-wrenching. It's even more horrible when it happens at Christmastime. The best thing you can do to make sure you and your family make it out safe during a fire is to know what steps to take to save your life.

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The fire department from Washington Township in Gloucester County shared some knowledge this week when they posted a picture of what closing a door during a house fire can do to protect you. In the picture shared to their Facebook page, it shows a door to a young person's bedroom completely charred. If you look out into the hallway, you can see that it's been destroyed, also. The room, though, was basically left untouched.

You may not be a trained firefighter, but it doesn't take much to know what to do should you or your family find themselves in a similar situation this holiday season. A fire is an awful tragedy no matter the time of year. An even worse tragedy is a loss of life as a result.

Check out the picture below and read the tips the Washington Township Fire Department provides so you can protect yourself.

Source: Facebook

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