Nobody will argue the beauty of most of South Jersey's shore towns.

Whether you're a South Jersey local or not, if you've ever made your way to places like Brigantine, Strathmere, Avalon, or Cape May, you can't deny how gorgeous New Jersey's beaches are in this region of the state.

One beach town that apparently can't be ignored regardless of the time of year is Ocean City. Not only is Ocean City one of the most popular summer family destinations, but it's earned the reputation of being a beautiful place to visit all year round. That fact is backed by a Youtube video currently making the rounds on social media that features a guy that goes by Nick Lance who treats his viewers to a tour of OCNJ during the winter months.

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The video opens up with Nicky talking about some of his personal experiences in Ocean City during which he explains why it's nice to enjoy some time there in the winter.

The next part, a lot of Jersey residents can relate to, especially people that live 30+ minutes away from their favorite beach town. Nicky talks about the traffic patterns on the way to Ocean City and explains how it's so much easier to get to during the off-season compared to the summer months. We hear ya on that one, Nick!

The first stop on Nick's tour was to Playland Pier to check out the damage from the fire back in early 2021. Remember that? Luckily, all of the damage has since been repaired. It was a rough sight to see before repairs began, though.

The video continues on with shots of some popular OC boardwalk restaurants and popular entertainment spots and wraps with him greeting viewers on the jetty.

If nothing else, the video definitely intensifies the countdown to summer. Come on, summer 2022! We're ready for ya!


Source: Youtube

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