Now that it's officially August, the back-to-school displays are already up in all the stores, but I refuse to look at any of the Halloween displays that are starting to pop up. I can't believe we're in the home stretch of the summer! As the summer winds down, now's the time to get in that last summer fling.

The summer traffic has been beyond crazy and it will only get worse as people try to cram in last minute vacations. In fact, I've already noticed a big difference traffic wise on the Garden State Parkway starting Thursday mornings and continuing right through the weekends ever since summer started.

I have a few vacation days saved that I hope to use before or even after Labor Day. September and even early October are perfect times to enjoy our beautiful beaches without the summer crowds.

I'm so looking forward to one final summer fling. I'd also would like to know what's left on YOUR summer bucket list? Do you have any last minute vacation ideas to share? Leave your vacation suggestions in the comments section below!

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