The decorations, displays and Christmas lights are up and the countdown to Christmas is less than 11 days in the Garden State.

Some stores have been decorated and have been ready for the holiday season since September.

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Have you ever wondered how our home state compares to the rest of the U.S. when it comes to Christmas spirit?

Well, according to a recent survey  from the folks at Get Century Link, which ranks the states with the most and least Christmas spirit. The data to determine if a state has Christmas spirit includes online activity for Google searches for Christmas, tweeting about Christmas and area culture including charitable giving and the number of Christmas tree farms.

The top state with the Most Christmas Spirit is Washington followed by South Dakota, Utah, Missouri and Maine.

Unfortunately, New Jersey makes the list as one of the "grinchiest" states in the U.S. coming in a #47. Ouch.

Only Florida, Hawaii and Alaska fare worst then us when it comes to Christmas spirit. I going to go on record to say, I disagree with this survey! We may not be in the Top 5 but, we certainly don't belong on the Grinch list.

It's time now to show some true Christmas Spirit for 2019!

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