A box set devoted to Tom Petty's 1994 album Wildflowers has finally received a release date. Wildflowers & All the Rest will arrive on Oct. 16.

The Super Deluxe Edition of the set features 70 tracks, spread out over five CDs, with nine songs that have never been released plus 34 alternate versions.

In addition to the original LP, the box contains a disc titled All the Rest that includes 10 outtakes from the sessions, five of which have never been heard. The third disc is comprised of 15 Petty home demos, with three of its 15 songs unreleased. The fourth CD consists of live versions of 14 songs recorded between 1995 and 2017, 12 available for the first time. The fifth disc, Finding Wildlflowers, consists of 16 alternate studio versions. You can see the track listing below.

An 80-page book includes musings by David Fricke and Rick Rubin, rare photos and track-by-track information. The packaging adds a lithograph, tour-program replica, reproductions of handwritten lyrics, specially commissioned illustrations, a patch, sticker and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

The Deluxe Edition omits the fifth disc, and a two-CD version consists of only Wildflowers and All the Rest. Both are available on CD, vinyl and digital, while the Super Deluxe will only be released on CD and vinyl.

A vinyl Ultra Deluxe Edition adds a tote bag, 7” single of “You Don’t Know How It Feels” / “Girl on LSD,” bead necklace and lyric book with illustrations. You can get full details on all the versions and pre-order at Petty's web store.

A video featuring the "Home Recording" version of "Wildflowers" has also been released and includes footage of Petty at home that was shot when the original album was being made. You can watch it below.

The new collection has been in the works since at least 2015. Petty originally planned to make Wildflowers a double album, but was talked out of it by producer Rick Rubin and Warner Bros. president Lenny Waronker. A handful of the album's leftovers were reworked by the Heartbreakers and found a home on the soundtrack to 1996's She's the One.

In 2015, talk of an expanded version of Wildflowers began to surface along with "Somewhere Under Heaven," which was included in the Entourage movie. A year later, Petty brought up the subject again, adding the prospect of an accompanying tour featuring additional musicians to help perform the songs' more intricate arrangements. Petty died in 2017 before the project could be brought to fruition.

A few more session outtakes were unearthed as part of 2018's posthumous An American Treasure box set, but a legal battle between Petty's widow Dana and his two daughters from his first marriage for control of his estate prevented an expanded Wildflowers from coming out in time for the album's 25th anniversary last year. Those disputes were settled as 2019 came to a close.

Two demos from the upcoming box have already appeared this summer: Wildlowers' original lead single "You Don't Know How It Feels," which originally featured lyrics that later turned up on "Crawling Back to You," and "There Goes Angela (Dream Away)."

Tom Petty, 'Wildflowers & All the Rest' Super Deluxe Edition Track Listing
Disc 1: 'Wildflowers'
1. Wildflowers
2. You Don’t Know How It Feels
3. Time to Move On
4. You Wreck Me
5. It’s Good to Be King
6. Only a Broken Heart
7. Honey Bee
8. Don’t Fade on Me
9. Hard on Me
10. Cabin Down Below
11. To Find a Friend
12. A Higher Place
13. House in the Woods
14. Crawling Back to You
15. Wake Up Time

Disc 2:. 'All The Rest'
1. Something Could Happen
2. Leaving Virginia Alone
3. Climb That Hill Blues
4. Confusion Wheel
5. California
6. Harry Green
7. Hope You Never
8. Somewhere Under Heaven
9. Climb That Hill
10. Hung Up and Overdue

Disc 3: Home Recordings
1. There Goes Angela (Dream Away)
2. You Don’t Know How It Feels
3. California
4. A Feeling of Peace
5. Leave Virginia Alone
6. Crawling Back to You
7. Don’t Fade on Me
8. Confusion Wheel
9. A Higher Place
10. There’s a Break in the Rain (Have Love Will Travel)
11. To Find a Friend
12. Only a Broken Heart
13. Wake Up Time
14. Hung Up and Overdue
15. Wildflowers

Disc 4: 'Wildflowers Live'
1. You Don’t Know How It Feels
2. Honey Bee
3. To Find a Friend
4. Walls
5. Crawling Back to You
6. Cabin Down Below
7. Drivin’ Down to Georgia
8. House in the Woods
9. Girls on LSD
10. Time to Move On
11. Wake Up Time
12. It’s Good to Be King
13. You Wreck Me
14. Wildflowers

Disc 5: Finding Wildflowers (Super Deluxe Edition only)
1. A Higher Place
2. Hard on Me
3. Cabin Down Below
4. Crawling Back to You
5. Only a Broken Heart
6. Drivin’ Down to Georgia
7. You Wreck Me
8. It’s Good to Be King
9. House in the Woods
10. Honey Bee
11. Girl on LSD
12. Cabin Down Below (Acoustic Version)
13. Wildflowers
14. Don’t Fade on Me
15. Wake Up Time
16. You Saw Me Comin’


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