Wildwood's Roar to the Shore motorcycle rally brings thousands of people to the area every year, but after over two decades the town may not welcome the bikers anymore.

Mayor Ernie Troiano said the town needed to "take a hard look" at the event, citing concerns about finances, crowd size, and security. While the mayor says they haven't had any problems yet, "the slightest spark may ignite a situation."

The mayor and the town's Business Improvement District continue to fret about "outlaw bikers" and needing to pay overtime for extra police (and the presence of more police ruining the town's "family friendly" image), but this all just seems like whiny 1950s hysteria.

I may be biased, because I grew up around Harleys, but whenever squares get panicky over the presence of bikers I just roll my eyes. I've grown away from the culture, but I spent enough time when I was younger to know that yeah, there is still the reputation of the 1%er that is there to get drunk and fight, but 99% of bikers are just chill dudes that want to hang out and have fun and cruise along the streets of some beautiful beach town.

There hasn't been an official announcement from the town, and organizers of the rally want to find a solution; we'll update you as new info comes.

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