I learned about this law last year and I still think it is completely bogus.

So believe it or not, for some ridiculous reason, it is technically illegal to leave your car running in your driveway to warm it up.


And doing so could cost you up to $1,000 in fines! What kind of crap is that? I didn't realize us trying to stay warm during the bitter cold winter was such a bad thing!

According to NJ.Gov, there are a few exceptions:

1. You can leave your car running for up to 15 minutes if it has been stopped for at least 3 hours. But this rule only applies if the temperature outside is 25 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

2. Buses can be idle for up to 15 minutes to drop off or pick up passengers. (Because throwing passengers out of a moving bus is clearly not an option) 

3. You cannot idle in a parking space with available electrification technology (Okay, I see the safety issue here) 

Otherwise, don't even think about leaving your car running and unattended.

The first violation will cost you $250, the second will cost you $500, and the third and each subsequent violation will cost you $1,000.

I wish I understand what they think is so dangerous about people trying to keep warm in such freezing temperatures.

Yes, your car could get stolen. Yes, leaving a powerful machine unattended alone can have disastrous consequences but am I the only one thinking that this rule is still bogus?

Take a look at the official law HERE if you have any questions.

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