With lottery fever reaching a fevered pitch with a $1.2 Billion Powerball Game up for grabs, South Jersey lottery players continue to score some nice winnings in other games.

The New Jersey Lottery says a Cash 5 ticket was sold in Tuckerton for Tuesday's drawing - and it's now worth $150,877!

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The ticket was sold at the Coneco Gas Station (S & D Fuel)  at 5601 Route 9 in Tuckerton. (NOTE: Yes, we accept that the gas station is in New Gretna. For some reason - the New Jersey Lottery identifies the location as "Tuckerton."). The ticket had all five numbers drawn. The winning numbers were 01, 08, 23, 33 and 36 and the XTRA number was: 03.

Keep winning, South Jersey! Keep winning!

SOURCE: New Jersey Lottery.

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