Proving once again that baby animals are the best, Cape May County Park Zoo has introduced two zebra foals that have just been born, and we're bursting from cuteness!

Grant Zebra moms Gretta and Lydia are currently caring for their new offspring.

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Lydia was first to birth her first-ever foal, a baby girl, on April 16th, Cape May County Park/Zoo reports. Mom Gretta also had a girl foal on May 6th. Both are fudge-stripey adorableness!

It's two moms, and ONE proud dad! A zebra male named Ziggy is father to both new foals.

The baby zebras weigh in at about 50-60 lbs., according to, and they can reportedly walk and run within hours of being born!

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The baby zebra names have not been revealed yet. What do you think the two new girl foals should be called?

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