A new test called BinaxNow made by Abbott Laboratories will be coming to our state within the next couple weeks. The test is notable for giving back results in 15 minutes, much shorter compared to the usual days or weeks most other COVID tests take. While it usually costs 5 dollars, they will be given away for free throughout the state.

The test works by looking for active infections and the hope is that due to its shortened results process, it will increase New Jersey’s testing capabilities over the 12 weeks where cases usually increase in a person’s body. According to Abbott officials, the test has a 97% accuracy rate based on a series of test carried about with 102 people.

Governor Murphy has stated that these tests are a “game-changer”, ordering around 2.6 million kits for the state, with the first batch of 170,000 coming in the next couple weeks. According to NorthJersey.com, Murphy hopes to send these out within a day’s notice to places like Ocean County, which is currently experiencing a high uptick spike in recent days.

Governor Murphy stated, “You could envision it being a big weapon in schools … a big weapon in augmenting our already ongoing efforts with health care workers.” You can tell Murphy believes in this new test kit because he only just found out about it last week and has already ordered kits within the thousands.

The test has to be administered and proctored by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, or technicians, and may not be taken without a professional.

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