It's rare to have something good about coronavirus to pass along these days (and I use the word 'good' because 'positive' in relation to COVID-19 is exactly the opposite of a positive thing), but we do.

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Many parts of the world, like China and Italy, have been dealing with the outbreak for far longer than the United States. And while a great deal of news coming out of those countries is still bleak, those nations are also getting a handle on coronavirus sooner.

Dave Ramsey tweeted these headlines today, and I think they're worth a look
(click the tweet below to expand view):

A couple key takeaways are that Wuhan, China (where the first case of coronavirus was detected) has closed all it's temporary hospitals because very recently there have only been about 1-2 new cases per day, according to the New York Post. An Italian COVID-19+ patient has reportedly been successfully treated using a cocktail of drugs that already exists. Cleveland Clinic reports that it's developed a coronavirus test that gives results in a matter of hours, not days. And, the first positive patients in Maryland and Oklahoma are close to being fully recovered.

So, as long as we continue to follow CDC guidelines of self-quarantine and social distancing, hopefully good news about coronavirus in New Jersey will be added to future statistics.

SOURCES: Dave Ramsey/Twitter

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