There's a group of people with ties to Millville trying to raise money for their cause, and the effort seems to be failing.

Count me as being pleased that it's failing.

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Now, don't get me wrong, GoFundMe Fundraisers can be good, especially when there's a person or family in desperate need in desperate times. I might even agree with an entrepreneur trying to raise funds to start something special and/or extraordinary that will help people.

The reason a Millville-related group is trying to raise money with a GoFundMe pitch that makes me want to turn my back and walk away.

The fundraiser is for a group asking for money for their 20th high school reunion because they were "The Class That Never Graduated."

According to the plea, the Millville Class of 2002 "never graduated":

"As we lined up together, the sky grew dark. The clouds swirled above our heads. It honestly felt a little spooky; ominous, even. Just as the ceremony was about to begin, the sky opened up. The rain fell heavy and hard, windswept chairs and umbrellas through the field, and lightning and thunder echoed through the air without abandon. We were told to leave the field, as fast as we could. And that is what we did.
"We left that day in soaking caps and gowns. There was no pomp and circumstance. No walking in front of the stage to get our diplomas. No happy pictures with friends and family to celebrate this important moment in our lives. This was the only graduation of our lives, for many of us. For the Millville Senior Class of 2002, there was no happy ending."
Aw, poor babies!
Awww, it rained on you! How dare Mother Nature!
Maybe it's time to grow the **** up!
First of all, you DID GRADUATE - assuming you passed all your courses. What you didn't do it have the graduation ceremony that you wanted, because it rained.
Aww, that's a shame.
You know what, though? Rain happens, life happens. Deal with it.
Now, some members of the Millville Class of 2002 are asking the world to pay for a party because they missed the Pomp and Circumstance of their graduation ceremony.
Apparently not any small party either - they are trying to raise $20,000 to throw a big blowout!
Selfish much?
Come on kids! How about reserving a few picnic tables down at the park and showing up with a 6-pack and a covered dish.
$20,000! Yeah, I'd like $20,000 to throw a party, too!
(By the way, at this article's writing, only $525 of the $20,000 goal has been raised. Well, at least that's something, right?)
I'll save my money and contribute to someone who really needs it, thank you.!


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