A special night in Egg Harbor Township as the National Anthem was performed by a lot of people!

It was billed as the "National Anthem Project 4.0," and it was performed on the school's football field.

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The performance was billed as the "largest performance of the National Anthem at a New Jersey school sporting event." It was put together by the school district's performing arts department.

Among the groups participating in the performance:

  • Davenport Singers
  • Slaybaugh Singers
  • Alder Avenue Middle School Choir, Band, and Orchestra
  • The Fernwood Avenue Chorus, Band, and Orchestra,
  • The Miller School Singers
  • The Egg Harbor Township High School Band and Orchestra
  • The Egg Harbor Township High School Choir
  • The Egg Harbor Township High School Cheerleaders

Congratulations to all who took part in an exceptional performance!

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