Alice Cooper brought his new Ol' Black Eyes Is Back tour to Cleveland last night, delivering thrills and chills to a packed crowd, despite performing most of his set in full daylight.

You can check out dozens of photos from the July 14 Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica show below.

Along with a completely redesigned stage featuring a mutli-level stone castle adorned with skulls and iron chandeliers, Cooper also gave his set list a big overhaul for this tour. In addition to "must-have" hits like "Billion Dollar Babies" and "I'm Eighteen," he performed songs that haven't been performed live in years, including "Raped and Freezin'," "Muscle of Love" and a big dose of 1975's Welcome to My Nightmare.

You can see the set list below.

Cooper's voice and theatrical skills were in fine form all night, and his band (bassist Chuck Garric, drummer Glen Sobel and the guitar trio of Tommy Henriksen, Nita Strauss and Ryan Roxie) were tight, energetic and seemed to be having a blast the entire time.

In a nod to the past, original Alice Cooper band bassist Dennis Dunaway joined in for the show-closing "School's Out," a song he co-wrote.

Cooper's Ol' Black Eyes Is Back tour continues July 17 in Allentown, Penn. You can get complete show and ticket information at his official website.

Alice Cooper, Cleveland, July 14, 2019
1. "Feed My Frankenstein" (from 1991's Hey Stoopid)
2. "No More Mr. Nice Guy" (from 1973's Billion Dollar Babies)
3. "Bed of Nails" (from 1989's Trash)
4. "Raped and Freezin'" (from 1973's Billion Dollar Babies)
5. "Fallen in Love" (from 2017's Paranormal)
6. "Muscle of Love" (from 1973's Muscle of Love)
7. "I'm Eighteen" (from 1971's Love It to Death)
8. "Billion Dollar Babies" (from 1973's Billion Dollar Babies)
9. "Poison" (from 1989's Trash)
10. Nita Strauss guitar solo
11. "Roses on White Lace" (from 1987's Raise Your Fist and Yell)
12. "My Stars" (from 1972's School's Out)
13. "Devil's Food" (from 1975's Welcome to My Nightmare)
14. "Black Widow Jam" (from 1975's Welcome to My Nightmare)
15. "Steven" (from 1975's Welcome to My Nightmare)
16. "Dead Babies" (from 1971's Killer)
17. "I Love the Dead" (from 1973's Billion Dollar Babies)
18. "Escape" (from 1975's Welcome to My Nightmare)
19. "Teenage Frankenstein" (from 1986's Constrictor)
20. "Under My Wheels" (from 1971's Killer)
21. "School's Out" (from 1972's School's Out)

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