The rumors may be true, Somers Point.

As more and more stones get overturned, it's sounding like Snap Fitness has closed down for good.

The question was first posed to a South Jersey-specific Facebook group after someone took notice that Snap Fitness near the Ocean Heights Plaza in Somers Point had people coming and going with equipment in their hands. An eyewitness has stated that people were allegedly seen removing the workout equipment from the facility. This has shocked many people, including some members.

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Based on the comments alone, if a closure is really what's happening here, then nobody saw it coming. Now, we did a bit of digging ourselves and discovered that the Somers Point location is still indeed listed as a location on Snap Fitness's website. Snap Fitness is a chain, so every location is listed on that main website. The Somers Point one is still on there. So, that's evidence that maybe we really don't know what's going on.

Still, we decided to dig even further and dialed the telephone number listed under the Somers Point location. That number is 609-328-3379. Here's both screenshots from Snap Fitness's direct website AND Google to prove it:

1.) Snap Fitness's Website:


2.) Google Listing:

via Google
via Google

As of today, March 31st, around 2:30 p.m., nothing has been confirmed nor denied since the telephone number above seems to be out of service.

Another reason to believe Somers Point's Snap Fitness location may be closing down is the fact that members have reported via Facebook that they have yet to see a bill for their memberships this month. That's definitely not a good sign.

Comment anything you know about what's going on with Snap Fitness in Somers Point by commenting on the post in the Facebook group HERE.

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