Summer is a great time to focus on yourself.

Whatever that means for you, now is a great time to figure out how and what you like to do that makes you look and feel your best. For some, that's hitting the gym every day. For others, that means meditation and getting in touch with their spiritual side.

There's something new being offered on the beach in Margate City that is actually a combination of the two. Have you ever heard of aerial yoga? Basically, it's yoga, but trapeze style. There's a group of women offering classes this summer right on the beach in Margate.

Truth be told, it looks pretty challenging based on the recent TikTok that's been circulating around on social media lately. Still, it looks like so much fun! No doubt, it's a great way to switch up a workout routine that's beginning to feel more boring and monotonous. As we all know, once working out isn't fun anymore, that's when it becomes more and more appealing to quite the routine altogether.

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It's safe to say that practicing yoga while flying through the air is definitely taking your workout routine up a notch. I can feel the calories burning off already.

Trident Woman, a South Jersey-based yoga instructor is offering trapeze yoga classes on the beach in Margate City from now through the end of July. She's recently posted an updated class schedule to the Facebook page as well as a video of what potential students can expect during the class.

Check it out HERE.

Source: Facebook

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