Volunteering Opportunity for you, South Jersey!

You can help a South Jersey beach get ready for the summer 2021 season by volunteering for the Ducktown Beach clean-up taking place this Saturday, March 20th.

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According to the Ducktown AC Facebook page, the event is a collaboration between the EBP Fraternity at Stockton University, the Ducktown community, and the Noyes Arts Garage. It's purpose is to inform and educate those who live, work, and play at Atlantic City's beautiful beaches that they are, in fact, the "first line of defense" against the litter and other toxic materials making their way into the water, possibly threatening the marine life that lives along our coastline.

Apparently, 14 billion pounds of garbage make way into the ocean every year. The best way to combat that is to actively get out there and put the effort into keeping, at the very least, our beaches here in South Jersey as clean as possible.


There's a link to sign up for the volunteering event HERE. If you choose to participate, note that you are encouraged to bring your own gardening gloves. After all, we're trying to clear the beach of garbage, right? Not create more with disposable gloves... Also, make sure you bring a refillable water bottle with you. Nobody wants to see anyone get dehydrated.

The clean-up is set to kick off in front of Boardwalk Hall at 10 o'clock this Saturday, March 20th. There is a rain date set, however, just in case the event gets washed out. If that does, in fact, happen, then the clean-up will be rescheduled to the following Saturday, March 27th.

Source: Facebook.com

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