Former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick says he's planning to record two to four songs with the band he fronted on the ninth Kiss Kruise last year.

He revealed that he’d originally planned to record with Slash solo band guitarist Todd Kerns and drummer Brent Fitz, along with bassist and vocalist Zach Throne, before the festival took place.

“We almost thought about doing that when we were prepping for the Kruise, but it took a lot of work to put together the set we did,” Kulick told Pod of Thunder (via Blabbermouth). “I’d like to say we'd be able to put out two to four songs, maybe an EP of material, some original, some covers. These guys are the right to do it with because they're really talented and we all get along so well and play well together.”

He continued: “We'll see how that pans out. That's a goal in 2020 that I really think, even before I could say, 'Yeah, catch us at these venues. We're gonna do this West Coast run or we're gonna do this Midwest run,' but, I'd like to say at some point I'd be able to do some things like that.”

Bruce Kulick and Band on the Kiss Kruise

Kulick said his commitments with Grand Funk Railroad, along with the other members’ own commitments, made it difficult to make firm plans. “We're going to look at the opportunities that come our way that could fit everyone's schedules,” he explained. “So I don't want to say we couldn't do something. I just don't know yet and I certainly want to make it work if it was going to be something.”

He offered another reason: “I don't necessarily want to take this band out and play clubs where I have a couple of hundred people. That's not going to be very exciting to me… to have a pool deck full of a couple of thousand people on the cruise, you get used to that.”

Kulick suggested that the band might have more success outside in Europe or South America than in the U.S. but that expense might be an issue. “I bet we could play some festivals,” he added. “[T]he only problem with that is that's kind of during my busy time with Grand Funk. I'm going to weigh all the options and see the best what I can do. My guys are really patient about it; they understand. But the big ask is whether we get asked to do Kiss Kruise 10, which I'll presume… I haven't officially been asked. We have such an exciting thing to look forward to with that. Who knows? Maybe there will be some other things.”


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