A Camden County man has been sentenced for his role in a 2018 bank robbery spree in South Jersey.

37-year-old Laque Hunter of Camden previously pleaded guilty to a bank robbery charge. He was sentenced to 92 months, or about seven and a half years, behind bars on Monday by Judge Renée Marie Bumb.

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U.S. Attorney Philip Sellinger says on July 24, 2018, 50-year-old Anthony L. Livingston of Camden recruited Hunter to rob the Ocean First Bank in Collingswood on his behalf. Livingston drove Hunter to the bank, Hunter robbed it, and Livingston served as the getaway driver; the two split the stolen money.

Livingston was convicted in May 2019, on two counts of bank robbery and he is currently spending 200 months, or about 16 and a half years, in prison.

In addition to the prison term, Hunter must serve three years of supervised release.

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