If there's one thing we know how to do here in the Delaware Valley, it's how to prepare Italian food. It's probably what we're most famous for - Philadelphia and New Jersey in particular.

That's because of the heavy Italian influence in this region. We're pretty lucky, too, because it sure does make for some pretty delicious meals. If you live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, you don't have to travel too far to get yourself some delicious Italian comfort food. We're lucky here in the Garden State to have some of the best Italian food in the region. While Philadelphia has some really delicious places to get some, they're not exactly few and far between here in New Jersey.

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New Jersey's where you'll find some of the best Italian food in the country. In fact, one source recently claimed that the best Italian food in Philadelphia is actually right here in the Garden State. If you head over the bridge from the city and into Camden County, you'll find yourself in the quaint town of Collingwood, an area known for it's downtown and art district. There, you'll find a restaurant called Zeppoli.

The restaurant, NJ Digest says, is barely recognizable as a restaurant from the outside. Once inside, you'll find only 35 seats. You will, however, apparently feel a vibe that exudes old-world Italy, more specifically, Sicily. Once settled, you'll be offered a three or four-course option for dinner that includes dessert.

What's so special about this place is that the chef and owner Joseph Baldino knows exactly what he wants you to feel when experiencing his restaurant. His food is based around old Sicilian dishes that will delight any diner interested in an old-world experience.

Zeppoli is reportedly always at capacity with each service, so call ahead to book a reservation if you're keen on trying it out for yourself.

Read NJ Digest's complete review of Zeppoli HERE.

Source: thedisgestonline.com

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