News broke earlier this week about a man who ditched his ride as the car was traveling on Route 55 on Thursday, September 27th. Unfortunately, sources have reported that the man's body has now been located.

Unfortunately for Roy Osmundsen's family, not much else has been confirmed about what happened. Surely, by now, more information may have been revealed to people close to the case, but nothing else has yet been released to the public.

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What is known, however, is the 54-year-old man from Cape May Court House reportedly suffered from some mental health issues, of them including dementia. What apparently happened the night he went missing was a disagreement between him and the driver of the vehicle Mr. Osmundsen had been traveling in. The car was making its way home on Route 55 when Osmundsen got out of the vehicle and disappeared into the night.

The public was alerted about the missing man and asked to keep their eyes peeled. If anyone spotted him, they were to call their local authorities. Osmundsen's son Daniel revealed that he, along with the rest of the family. believe Osmundsen's issues with mental health must have played a part in the exited the vehicle in the first place.

Now, it has been made public that the man's body was found under an overpass on the evening of Thursday, September 29th. Not much more other than the location of where the body was found is known at this time.

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