I have a soft spot in my heart for anyone who goes through a personal challenge and turns it around for a positive outcome, especially when it helps others.  Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin could be resting right now and worrying about his recovery, but he just can't stop helping others. 

How incredibly cool is this?!?  Damar Hamlin is only weeks into his recovery from literally flatlining on the football field and one of the first things he’s doing is helping others globally.

Damar's heart stopped on Jan 2nd, while ours skipped a beat waiting for him to be revived. Thankfully, he was revived and he wants everyone to know how to administer the CPR that saved his life. 

He started a new CPR challenge with the American Heart Association that he hopes will go viral.  Just imagine how many lives this will save! 

I love how easy it is! Just to break it down one more time:

                                                    Heart CPR Challenge

1.  Go to heart.org/3 and watch a short CPR video
2.  Donate to the American Heart Association to fund CPR awareness
3.  Challenge 3 friends on social media to do it too

You may not be able to challenge Lebron James, Tom Brady, or Michelle Obama but everyone is able to save a life! Way to be the world’s best team player Damar!

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