When you have been a pizza place for a long time in New Jersey, it means you're good, because you passed the picky pizza customer test, and the bar is higher in the Garden State than anywhere else. So when you are the oldest pizza place in New Jersey, it might be the biggest culinary compliment this state can give.

Photo by Brenna Huff on Unsplash
Photo by Brenna Huff on Unsplash

So, which pizza place has been in the Garden State the longest? Let's give you some amazing background information about just how long this place has been around...

When this pizzeria opened its doors, William Howard Taft had just become President of the United States, having defeated Theodore Roosevelt.

When this pizzeria began flipping pies, it was two years before World War I even began. That's not a typo. World War o-n-e.

The cost of a filling at the dentist would put you back anywhere from 50 cents all the way up to a dollar.

Cost of a Ford Town Car...$800 bucks. Imagine that. These days, that amount sounds more like a monthly payment.

1912 was the year for all those facts, and it's also the year that New Jersey's (and America's) oldest continuously family-owned pizza place swung its doors open. Have you heard of PaPa's Tomato Pies?

This place is rich in history. It's located on Robinsville Allentown Rd in Robbinsville, less than 25 miles from Freehold. The current location is not the original. The doors first opened back in 1912 in Trenton. And it's also a member of the Pizza Hall of Fame.

And any place that has a "mustard pie" has to be checked out, right? But if mustard's not your thing, the menu is full of traditional favorites! So, maybe it's time for a pizza road trip!

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