If there's one thing you can expect when you visit New Jersey's beaches, it's that if there's more than a few inches of rain expected in the forecast, prepare for flooding.

Dozens of videos can be seen on social media every year of the inches upon inches, heck, even feet upon feet of water the residents have to deal with every time it rains heavily at the Jersey Shore. Even shoobies and bennies may have to navigate their way through some water if they pick the wrong date for a beach day.

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Still, that's the kind of thing that's come to be expected from rain at the beaches in the Garden State. Now, compare that to the showers most people normally experience while enjoying the parks at Walt Disney World in Florida.

It's common knowledge, or at least it should be, that it rains almost every single day in Florida. Not for too long though, but you wouldn't catch a Floridian surprised at a random drizzle that starts to fall from the sky in the middle of the afternoon. The amount of rain Orlando saw this week, though, definitely came as a shock to people enjoying their Disney World vacations.

Tons of videos have flooded social media depicting the few inches of water that gathered within minutes inside more than one Disney Park this week. One of the most popular videos from the downpour was taken inside the grounds of Disney's Hollywood Studios where guests can be seen frolicking and gallivanting through the water.


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At least it doesn't look like anyone's letting the rain spoil their fun. When you head down to the Jersey shore for a beach day, it's hard to keep the same level of optimism.

Source: Tiktok

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