At a media preview for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, the second attraction to come to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Walt Disney World shared some brand new information on Star WarsGalactic Starcruiser. AKA the upcoming Star Wars hotel. Collider reports that the hotel, opening in 2021, will be a “wholly immersive experience.” They assure readers that “from the minute you step foot into the lobby, you’re in space onboard a Starcruiser that’s filled with colorful characters who will offer to bring you into their stories.” Far out.

Guests will begin the experience in a Launch Pod, where they will be transported at light speed to board the Halcyon Starcruiser. Disney is comparing the experience to a cruise ship, but when you look out the window, don’t expect to see your natural surroundings. Instead, you’ll see an ever-changing view of the galaxy from each portal in the "spacecraft". Claustrophobes, you have been warned. Recently announced activities on the Starcruiser include lightsaber training, lessons in ship mechanics, and “spaces within which to hold secret meetings.” That last part sounds pretty cryptic, but we’ll go with it.

One detail missing from Disney’s presentation? The cost. Just how many Imperial Credits will it take to get yourself to a galaxy far, far away? The two-night stay is estimated to cost anywhere from $1,400 to $3,300 per room, depending on how many space travelers you can fit in your cabin. Because the hotel is such an immersive experience, guests are only allowed to commit to two nights, with no option for a cheaper, single-night stay.

Reading this, it’s hard not to draw eerie comparisons to Westworld in terms of just how interactive this endeavor will be. The main difference is, of course, that the alien crew on Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser will be made up of real human beings, not robots. At least ... that’s what we’re being told.

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