If you’re following along, I recently wrote about the top golf courses in New Jersey according to Golf.com.

Now I mentioned in the article that the list is that of private golf courses that you need a membership for or you need to know a member in order to access it.

Mick De Paola via Unsplash
Mick De Paola via Unsplash

Thanks to many of you that decided to email me requesting a list of public golf courses that everyone can enjoy, I decided to take on this task and create one for your bucket list pleasure.

Again, I don’t golf so I had to turn to a reliable source/a very good friend who is very well educated in this topic.

Between him and all of the emails I received, here are the best public golf courses in New Jersey to check out:

Bowling Green Golf Club in Oak Ridge

Crystal Springs Golf Club in Hamburg

Preakness Valley Golf Course in Wayne

Great Gorge Golf Club in Vernon Township

Galloping Hill Park and Golf Course in Kenilworth

Ash Brook Golf Course in Scotch Plains

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