It’s might be January but the first few days of the year felt like a fall (or early spring) day.

I live down the street from a big golf course and seeing the parking lot as packed as it was around the New Year was like seeing it in prime golf time.

It must be difficult to be a golfer in New Jersey and not have the opportunity to participate in the sport you love all year round so I totally get people taking advantage of this weird winter weather.

mk. s via Unsplash
mk. s via Unsplash

Now I’m not a golfer. I used to be a “pro” mini-golfer when I was a kid and I have friends that live and breathe golf and have tried to get me out there with them. I’ve never taken the bait but now I might be changing my mind.

To try to convince me, a friend of mine sent me to to read up on what I needed to know about golf. That’s when I came across a list of the best golf courses across the country and that’s what convinced me to possibly try this sport out.

First of all, I had no idea how many golf courses there were in New Jersey. Have you seen what some of these courses look like? You’ll feel like you’re on vacation!

Dean via Unsplash
Dean via Unsplash

Whether golfing is a hobby or you’re a newbie like I might be, check out the top golf courses in the Garden State according to This is a pretty cool bucket list to get going.

Now keep in mind, these country clubs are “members only” so unless you’re a member or you’re a guest of a member, you might have a hard time getting onto those specific courses, but give them a call!

Galloway National Golf Club in Galloway

Hollywood Golf Club in Deal

Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield

Morris County Golf Club in Morristown

Plainfield Country Club in Edison

Hidden Creek Golf Club in Egg Harbor Township

The Ridgewood Country Club in Paramus

Somerset Hills Country Club in Bernardsville

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