The website lists New Jersey as one of the safest states when it comes to the number of holiday crimes. But experts say you can still do more to stay safe.

Chris Leusner, president of the New Jersey Association of Chiefs of Police, says to deter those porch pirates, "you can get notifications on when packages are being delivered. You can communicate with neighbors so that there's some additional set of eyes."

Leusner, who is also the Middle Township police chief in Cape May County, points out that many crimes count on opportunity.

He said locking doors — especially car doors – can cut down on crime.

"You'll hear police officers across the state sometimes refer to it as the door-knob lottery. They just go pulling on doors of cars till they get one that's unlocked," he said.

Atlantic City police Sgt. Kevin Fair says if you'll be away for the holidays, you can purchase sensors to turn lights on at night and notify the Postal Service to stop mail delivery.

Fair said that doorbell apps like Ring have become popular — and he even has one. Homeowners should also consider motion detectors and alarms that are connected to the police department.

New Jersey ranks 4th-lowest for holiday crime. Three other Northeast states — Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont — also ranked among the safest states for holiday crime, with Maine the safest, according to the report.

Florida came in No. 1 as the worst state, according to the website, which cited Florida's high number of holiday arrests, a high percentage of gun ownership and a fairly high poverty rate.

Joe Cutter is the senior news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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