It was a beautiful weekend to explore New Jersey!

We live in a state that offers everything from lovely beaches to mountain views and everything in between!

The thing is if you're going to explore, use the right equipment.

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It seems a Sunday driver - we assume from another state since there is no license plate - decided to do some exploring in the Wharton State Forest. If you're never been there there are miles and miles of wonderful trails that take you off the beaten path - and ofter have you traveling, well, another kind of beaten path.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The roads thru the forest are mostly dirt with plenty of imperfections along the way. The kind of imperfections that will eat up expensive convertibles. Check out this post from the Indian Mills Volunteer Fire Company:

There's no word on who did the driving. We're hoping no one was hurt.

The post on Facebook elicited some great comments, including:

"Common sense isn’t so common, huh?" (Misty)

"For the love of God.. for you people up north, you should bring your car through the toll booths, not through the mud puddles.. stick to the pavement and the toll booths, not our mud puddles..." (Myke)

"Should have hit it with a little more momentum." (Seth)

"Maybe he'd have better luck on Brigantine Beach." (Margie)

"Silly shoobie, there are better ways to the Jersey Shore than through Wharton State Forest." (David)

People! This is a place for extreme four-wheel-drive vehicles - not your Sunday show-off car.

Lesson learned?

Be careful out there!

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