Atlantic City may have lost the Miss America Pageant and Lenny Dykstra may have bailed on them, but, thank god, they still will be able to host the “Bagel Boss” fight.

Promoters were able to find an even more attention-starved b-list celebrity to fill in for Dykstra. The New York Post is reporting that former Saved by the Bell actor Dustin Diamond will be the last minute replacement this Saturday at the Showboat in AC.

Chris Morgan was dubbed the "Bagel Boss” after his NSFW tirade at a bagel shop about dating apps and women was recorded and went viral. The official website of the bout refers to him as “The Angry Bagel Guy." Diamond, who famously promoted his own sex tape, has some experience in the ring, though, having won on Celebrity Boxing in 2002 against Ron Palillo.

Surprisingly, there are still tickets available if you want to go see the fight in person. If you can’t, there is a $19.99 pay-per-view option, as well.