South Jersey residents have heard every stereotypical opinion of our section of the state.

When I say we've heard it all, we seriously have HEARD IT ALL. "The Alabama of the Northeast", "Philly rejects", "Pineys".... I mean, seriously, is there any phrase in existence used to describe the life, vibe, and people of South Jersey that you haven't heard before? I highly doubt it.

This guy, Nick Johnson, publishes Youtube videos in his Unboxing series depicting different parts of the country and, of course, he profiled New Jersey in a way that is sooooo unoriginal. No one is claiming that he's 100% incorrect about his assessment. In fact, he got a lot of his information right. It's just the stereotypes that everyone is beyond tired of hearing are so unbelievably played out.

True or not, we get it. We're a part of the country that's hard to explain. Guess what, we like it that way. Don't put us in a box. You can't. However, when he says that all we do "is ride on tractors and listen to Kenny Chesney".... YES WE DO and DON'T FORGET IT.

Watch the video to see what I mean...

Get what I'm saying? It's just a bunch of the same-old, same-old. Honestly though, it's kind of funny to listen to people's opinions of who we are and the life we live. Truth be told, they have no idea how awesome our little section of the country is and quite frankly, I'd like that fact to remain a secret.

Source: Youtube

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