Ask anybody that's local to any of the South Jersey beaches and they'll tell you that there's nothing like them.

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They're not wrong. Here in South Jersey, the beaches give off a different vibe than those up the Garden State Parkway. For one, it's much more relaxed down this way, especially when compared to the vibe painted of Ocean County's Seaside Heights by MTV's Jersey Shore cast (cringe).

For whatever reason, only three South Jersey beaches ever make the list of the top ten beaches in the state. The good news is, Cape May Point, Ocean City, and Cape May almost always top the list. The same is true for this year as Ocean City and Cape May take the two top spots, with Ocean City coming in as the second best beach while Cape May reigns supreme.

The rest of South Jersey's beaches fall into various spots from worst to better in a list comparing all the beaches in the Garden state. Atlantic City ranks as the worst beach in the state with Wildwood not far behind it. You can take a look at where each South Jersey beach fell into the rankings our of all NJ's 44 beaches below:

- Atlantic City - 44th

- Wildwood - 42nd

- Margate City - 39th

- North Wildwood - 37th

- Brigantine - 33rd

- Ventnor - 31st

- Strathmere - 30th

- Longport - 27th

- Wildwood Crest - 25th

- Avalon - 22nd

- Stone Harbor - 21st

- Sea Isle City - 20th

- Cape May Point - 10th

- Ocean City - 2nd

- Cape May - 1st

Whether or not you agree with the list, we've attempted to give a bit more explanation as to why perhaps each beach was placed in its spot.


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