Seagulls can be a real nuisance and problem, especially when you're trying to enjoy the day at one of our beautiful beaches up and down the Jersey Shore. These pesky birds can also spread disease and be a safety hazard.

Seagulls have become a problem in Ocean City with the birds getting even more aggressive. There have been more seagull incidents reported. You can even get fined $500 or even spend 90 days in jail for feeding these seabirds.

Ocean City has decided to bring in birds of prey to the rescue, including trained falcons, hawks and owls to scare off the irritating and pesky shore birds according to the website Philly Voice. 

Ocean City officials will use the service of East Coast Falcons. The plan calls for falcons, hawks and owls to fly over the skies of Ocean City every day for 10 AM to 10 PM to try and intimate the birds without causing them any harm according to the report.

Seagulls seem to know when there is a threat looming and the hope is that the gulls will scatter once they feel the presence of the larger birds of prey flying above.

Have you had an encounter with a pesky seagull this summer?

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