It's hard to believe that over ten years later, people in South Jersey are still struggling with damage left behind by Hurricane Sandy.

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At this point, it almost feels like some of the damage will never be fully repaired. Unfortunately, at least at the present, that's exactly what it's looking like for the folks who resided in the Sea Village Marina. If you're unfamiliar with the community, what it formerly consisted of was a bunch of dwellings that sat on floating fiberglass, essentially like floating shore houses, that allowed people the luxuries of, quite literally, living on the water without having to pay property taxes.

How did they escape that?

Well, because the dwellings are technically boats. So, they had to comply with Coast Guard regulations and weren't taxed the way homes on land are. With that being said, it's been a difficult process cleaning up the place over the last decade or so ever since Sandy hit. Multiple reports suggest that owners have basically abandoned their dwellings, many of which still sit in the waters of the marina in disrepair. Many battles have ensued between owners of the individual dwellings, the new owners of the marina, as well as between the marina and the Department of Environmental Protection.

Apparently, only a fraction of the homes that floated on the marina's waters have been removed from the water. Most don't have much hope that the marina will ever be restored to its former glory which consisted of gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, boardwalks for sidewalks, and a thriving water-based community.

As for when the rest of the homes will be removed from the water, that answer remains unknown. For one, it's an extremely costly, not to mention complicated process. So, for now, it looks like the ones who were able to have their homes extracted should be thankful for it.

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