🏈Tommy DeVito's agent doubled an appearance fee at a Morristown pizzeria

🏈Agent Sean Stellato said it was a "misunderstanding"

🏈DeVito said he had to make things right when he was told what happened

MORRISTOWN — Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito paid a visit for free to the pizzeria he was supposed to do an appearance at before his agent doubled his fee.

Nino Coniglio, the owner of Coniglio’s Old Fashioned in Morristown, posted on the restaurant's Instagram that DeVito would not be appearing Tuesday after his agent, Sean Stellato, doubled DeVito's appearance fee to $20,000.

"We are a small family run business & decided $20,000 was a bit steep for 2 hours," read the post apologizing to fans who bought tickets to the appearance.

The rookie quarterback told the New York Post that when he heard what happened he knew he had to "set things right, eat the awesome pizza and have fun." He said there are a lot of people on his team and this slipped through the cracks.

In a repost of the Post's pictures on its Facebook page captioned “stopping by and making it right,” DeVito followed through, agreeing to a charity appearance in January. Coniglio told the Post he would make 100 sandwiches and donate 100% of the proceeds to charity.

Missing from the meeting was his agent, Stellato, who told the Post he thought negotiations were not done as a contract had not been signed with Coniglio.

Stellato had been with DeVito before the visit at another appearance at Bubbakoo's Burritos in Livingston.

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