Brett Breslow is a 50-year-old Navy vet who coaches Cherry Hill football and he needs your help to save his life. Breslow is in critical condition at Cooper after testing positive for Covid-19. There may be a way to save him. Here's where you or someone you know comes in.

The FDA has approved the emergency exchange investigational trial which involves using the blood plasma from a recovered Covid-19 patient in order to treat a Covid-19 patient in critical condition. Amy Breslow is hoping this trial can save her husband's life.

What they need, quite simply is someone who has had Covid-19 and has been symptom-free for 14 days. This experimental treatment could not only save Brett's life but countless others in New Jersey. Your plasma donation could help turn this whole pandemic around.

Please if you or someone you know meets this criteria, contact Peter Breslow at Here hoping and praying you can help.


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