Have you heard of this charming Barnegat restaurant?

Deep in the back roads of route 539 lies the most adorable restaurant you'll ever see.  When you step inside, you'll be wondering if you're still in New Jersey, or if you've been transported into a quaint town somewhere in the countryside.  And of course, the food looks incredible too.

Only in New Jersey named Lucille's Luncheonette in Barnegat is one of our state's hidden gems, and I was instantly intrigued.  When you first see the restaurant, you're greeted by a giant Jersey Devil statue.  What lies inside is even more exciting.

According to its website, Lucille's Luncheonette has a rich history.  It was founded by Lucille Bates in 1975 and became a favorite spot for locals to grab a home-cooked meal.  The food is so good, that it was even on an episode of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown in 2015, and was named a stop on his food trail.

It's clear this joint has a lot of character, and the menu reflects that.  There are classic NJ diner favorites, like omelets, pancakes, burgers, and shakes.

But, Lucille's Luncheonette is also known for its decadent pies, with flavors like apple, blueberry, coconut custard, and more!  Their pies are available to order for holidays.

It's always a pleasure to support local businesses in New Jersey, and Lucille's Luncheonette is an example of one with a lot of heart.

If you're wanting to make a pit stop at Lucille's Luncheonette the next time you're driving to Barnegat, you'll find it at 1496 Rt 539 in Warren Grove.  They're open from 8 am - 2 pm on Tuesday through Sunday.  According to the restaurant's menu, they only accept cash, check, or Venmo, and have an ATM on the property.

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