Since 1964 they've been creepy, and kooky, and all together ooky. They were a TV series, then TV specials, video games, eventually a few live action movies. They're baaaaaaack.

The Addams Family is a new movie, animated this time, and coming out in October. The release date is October 11 according to

Why should you care? Because in this one, the Addams family moves to the spookiest place on earth...New Jersey. Yep, they spoof the Garden State. Check out the trailer and notice the part where a neighbor stops by yelling, "Welcome to the neighborhood!" Check out her hair. Have you seen high hair like this in New Jersey in the last few decades? I think not. This movie will play up all the Jersey stereotypes for sure.

Charlize Theron voices Morticia, Oscar Isaac is Gomez, and how fun is it that Snoop Dogg is the voice of Cousin It?

Much of the plot will center on these ghoulish misfits trying to assimilate in the Garden State. It's only fitting to have the Addams family move to New Jersey considering the cartoonist who started it all, Charles Samuel Addams, was raised in Westfield. A mischievous child, it's said that two homes, one on Dudley Avenue and one on Elm Street, combined in his mind as part of the inspiration for the Addams Family mansion. According to wikipedia he also enjoyed hanging out in the Presbyterian Cemetery on Mountain Avenue.

This all explains a lot!

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