Hey, folks in New Jersey! Brace yourselves for the infamous traffic jams on the garden state parkway as everyone rushes to the Jersey Shore. Yep, you guessed it, that means more bumper-to-bumper situations and fender benders that can give anyone a headache.

But here's a silver lining: most drivers in New Jersey have insurance! 

In fact, according to the latest stats from AAA on uninsured drivers in the US, New Jersey leads the pack with the lowest percentage of uninsured folks.

a-n-v-e-s-h - unsplash
a-n-v-e-s-h - unsplash

Here are the top ten states with the lowest percentage of uninsured population:

  1. New Jersey: 3.1%
  2. Massachusetts: 3.5%
  3. New York: 4.1%
  4. Maine: 4.9%
  5. Wyoming: 5.8%
  6. Pennsylvania: 6.0%
  7. New Hampshire: 6.1%
  8. Connecticut: 6.3%
  9. Utah: 6.5%
  10. South Dakota: 7.4%

Why is New Jersey boasting this impressive stat? Well, it's all about the increased competition between insurance companies. They're battling it out to win over customers, which means more of us are getting insured and driving responsibly.


On the flip side, let's take a peek at the top ten states with the highest percentage of uninsured drivers:

  1. Mississippi: 29.4%
  2. Michigan: 25.5%
  3. Tennessee: 23.7%
  4. New Mexico: 21.8%
  5. Washington: 21.7%
  6. Florida: 20.4%
  7. Alabama: 19.5%
  8. Arkansas: 19.3%
  9. District of Columbia: 19.1%
  10. California: 16.6%

Mississippi takes the crown for the highest rate of uninsured drivers. So, if you're planning a summer road trip to one of these states, be extra cautious on the roads.

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