It seems like every time I get behind the wheel, my anxiety level goes up.

I drive perfectly, well, perfect. It's the other drivers that are the problem!

You people need to have some patience!

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Here's what I really hate: I'm on a two-lane road - one lane this way and one lane that way. I put on my turn signal to turn left, across traffic. I come to a stop because THERE ARE CARS COMING THE OTHER WAY.

Again, it's a two-lane road. No turning lane. I'm now stopped, waiting to take the left turn.

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It always happens, someone comes up behind me and goes to the right, hoping to go around me. Again, it's a TWO-LANE ROAD - ONE THIS WAY AND ONE THAT WAY.

That doesn't stop the person behind me, though, they try to worm their way around me. They stop and pull closer and closer. Sometimes, they can just whip around me on the shoulder and go by me. Other times, though, there's an impediment - like a curb - and they're stuck.

When this happens I AM NOT MOVING!

They may flash their headlights, or politely tap their horn, asking me to move over a little more to the left so they can squeeze by.

How's that?

They want me to move further left, possibly crossing the center line INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC, so they can squeeze by.

No way. No how.

I'm not putting my life on the line so they can get to their destination 12 seconds faster.

"HAVE SOME PATIENCE" I yell inside my car, so no one can hear.

I'm not moving.

PLEASE, stop doing this. If you can pass me, fine, go ahead. If you can't, then WAIT! Relax! Breathe! Look, if you wanted to get there faster, you should have left earlier.

Stop doing this, please!

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