With Father's Day around the corner, here's good news for working dads. You're in the right state.

According to some research done at WalletHub, not only is the Garden State a good state for working dads, it's actually in the top three states in the nation, ranking a very impressive #3.

So what makes New Jersey a great state for working dads? The study says the Garden State excelled in two categories. We ranked in the top 5 in "economics and social well being" and "child care".

We also had an impressive ranking of #2 when it came to highest median household income" when adjusted for cost of living.

The only two states that ranked ahead of us were Connecticut (#2) and Massachusetts at #1. The worst state for working dads according to this report was Louisiana.

So, new Jersey working dads can rejoice that they have chosen a great state to live in, and Happy Father's Day to all the dads in the Garden State. We hope you enjoy your day.

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