Fatherhood has come a long way since the 1960s, when 75% of American families relied on the single income of the dad, says WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez.

But now, two-thirds of households depend on two incomes. With many dads working from home due to COVID-19, WalletHub wanted to see which states are working to help fathers play the dual role of dad and (co)provider. So the personal finance website looked at 23 key indicators of friendliness toward working fathers to come up with its 2020 "Best and Worst States for Working Dads."

(Last month, Wallethub also released a breakdown of "Best and Worst States for Working Moms.")

Gonzalez said some of those key indicators included the economic and social well being rank of a state, it's ability to offer a work-life balance, time spent on child care, and health of its dad population.

New Jersey is the fifth-best state for working dads, according to Wallethub's number-crunches. It did well in almost every category, especially when it comes to work-life balance -- but could be doing better when it comes to health.

New Jersey has the fourth-highest median family income, which is helpful, Gonzalez said. When it comes to work-life balance, New Jersey's parental leave policy has it doing  well. New Jersey ranks the best of any state for a low unemployment rate for dads, with a low share of kids living in poverty.

But New Jersey could do better when it comes to health. It ranked 17th. That includes mental health, the share of men in good or better health and the share of men who are physically active, she said.

New Jersey's neighbors didn't fare nearly as well. Delaware comes in at 14th, while Pennsylvania ranks 23rd and New York sits at number 31.

The best states for working dads are Massachusetts, Minnesota, Connecticut, District of Columbia, and New Jersey at number five, according to Wallethub. The worst state for dads, the site says, is New Mexico. Mississippi is second followed by Louisiana, West Virginia and Alabama -- all of them with poor health and poor work-life balances.

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