New Jersey's got good java, with one Garden State town making a new list of the top spots for coffee in the whole United States

The study was conducted by, examining cities with criteria like 'single-origin artisan brew' and 'third-wave specialty coffee', according to the website.

While recognizing that big name coffee chains (Starbucks, Dunkin', Tim Horton's) will always have a place in the national coffee landscape, was reportedly interested in boutique coffee shops across the nation and the drips they have to offer.

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Pacific Northwest states like California, Washington, and Oregon dominated the list's Top 10 (Seattle was #1), but right here in New Jersey, found that Jersey City in Hudson County deserved to make the list at #14.

Other factors considered (and apparently met by Jersey City) were town population, local coffee businesses per density, and percentage of local coffee businesses.




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Jersey City reached the Top 15 thanks to places like The Grind Shop, Hybrid Coffee & Kitchen, Modcup, and Treehouse Coffee Shop.

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The town's local coffee businesses per density is reportedly 2.13, with a percentage of local coffee businesses at 50.79 percent.

To see the full list of The Best Cities for Coffee in America, click here.

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