We're all incredible sick and tired, not necessarily from the coronavirus itself, but the repercussions that have been served to us as a society in response to the global pandemic. Basically, we're all fed up with the small business closures and the imposed quarantine.

Of course, it's not lost on most why these measures are in place. We just grow weary just waiting for a vaccine. There's one in the works but there's a HUGE snag that's got those who are searching for a COVID-19 vaccine perplexed. Studies show that any vaccine that could be deemed a coronavirus solution will not have the same effect on the obese like it will on those who don't struggle with obesity.

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CNN.com reports that the issue stems from the immune response rate in obese people. Since vaccines essentially make the body think it's been infected, thereby forcing it to create antibodies, the obese person isn't always able to create them because of the high levels on inflammation consistently within their systems. Chronic conditions like the previously mentioned are just one factor contributing to those with a higher body mass index being left out of clinical trials for medicines, procedures, etc.

The best thing that can be done in order for ALL to be ready for a vaccine once it's ready to be administered is to work on lowering our BMIs. The United States has the largest overweight population in the country. Though not everyone in America is classified as obese, they're a lot more likely to have higher BMIs than other countries. Bottom line, Americans need to work on getting in better shape if we want life to return to normal once a vaccine becomes available.

Source: CNN.com

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