By now you may have heard the NFL Draft starts this Thursday in Cleveland and the Eagles still own the No. 12 pick.

However, that doesn't mean they will pick 12th, and rival GM's still think the Eagles could make a move. Howie Roseman has made plenty of deals during his tenure as the Eagles top decision maker, including one this year to move from No. 6 to No. 12.

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There has been some talk about the team moving back into the Top 10, but if that happens, who would they target?

According to Jason La Confora of CBS Sports, who spoke with a team executive about how he sees this weeks draft going, he says if the Eagles were to move back up it would be for one of two things - Kyle Pitts or a QB.

If the Eagles move back up, the GMs I have spoken to believe it's for Pitts or a QB. Never rule anything out when it comes to the Eagles and potential trades.

Pitts is maybe the best tight end or offensive weapon we have seen in some time.  He is a unique blend of size, speed and athletic ability.  He can play inside, outside and would provide Jalen Huts with a top level weapon.

The quarterback I think is just from Roseman's history at making moves and his past.  I really don't see the team getting in the QB game, but I guess with Roseman you can't rule it out.

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