I'm about to make an admission.  Up until a few years ago, I had never heard of pickleball.  In fact, even when my wife first mentioned it to me, I thought she was pulling my leg.  Pickleball?  Really?

Turns out that pickleball isn't just a thing; It's a thing that's been around a long time.

Its roots go back to 1965, when a congressman, Joel Pritchard of Washington State, and a businessman named Bill Bell arrived at Pritchard's home to find their families sitting around bored.  They had a badminton court, but no rackets.   They improvised and eventually started using ping-pong paddles and a plastic ball.

The sport was the subject of several magazine articles in the 70's and in 1976, the first bigtime pickleball tournament was held.

Today, pickleball has become a good alternative to tennis.

Getty Images
Getty Images

I've tried playing tennis, but I'm just not mobile enough.  Plus, actually hitting the ball, is a whole lot more difficult than it looks on tv.  Pickleball sounds like a sport that's a great choice for me.

Over the last few years, outdoor pickleball courts have begun to pop-up throughout our region.  Take a ride up Long Beach Island, and you'll find several that are seemingly always in use during the summer.

But what if you want to play during the cold winter months?  Up until now, that probably wasn't possible.

Enter, Proshot Pickleball in Egg Harbor township.  A beautiful new indoor pickleball facility on East Blackhorse Pike.  They have 8 courts featuring a surface made with special material that will be easy on your knees.

Proshot Pickleball via Facebook
Proshot Pickleball via Facebook

In addition to the courts, they have men and women's lockerooms and a lounge.  For those who take their pickleball more seriously, they are a member of DUPR, which collects and ranks player stats.

Proshot offers players the option of paying an hourly fee, or an annual membership.


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